Our Story

Opening a store in the middle of a global pandemic sounded crazy to their friends and family, but this creative duo couldn’t sit still. And so Oliver and Juliet was born.


Stemming from the world of film production, Michelle Jayme (producer) and Naty Pineda (wardrobe stylist) never imagined opening a store together. After all, their careers working on television commercials and photo shoots kept them busy enough. Add motherhood to the mix and their calendars were full – except when they could squeeze in a social hour with friends.


It is the social interaction and the connection with the community that sparked the idea to create a space where people could come in, shop and have a chat. Coffee shops and doughnuts aplenty, what was missing in the community?


Both Michelle and Naty care about sustainability and creating a business that addressed their concerns was of utmost importance. Both have children constantly growing out of clothes and the solution was simple – a children’s consignment store!


Oliver and Juliet will sell your gently worn clothes that is in excellent condition. Many of the items brought in by consignors are new, with tags. The store’s motto is “If you’d buy it, we’ll sell it!”

Wooden Teddy Toy
Our items are all selected with love 

Oliver and Juliet offers a wide selection of clothing, books, accessories and toys. We have also partnered with local artisans showcasing their products at our store. Make sure to stop by as our selection is always new and exciting!